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Rosa Hunt


Rosa has been Co-Principal of Cardiff Baptist College since 2019. With Ed Kaneen, Rosa has responsibility for the overall direction of the College and oversight of the day-to-day running. She has particular responsibility for the close working relationship with the churches, Baptist Unions and other denominations, and for the admissions process with potential students.

Mae Rosa wedi dysgu Cymraeg ac yn awyddus iawn i hyrwyddo'r iaith Gymraeg yn y Coleg ar bob lefel. Rosa has learned Welsh and is very keen to promote the Welsh language in the College at every level.

Rosa shares her ministry between Cardiff Baptist College and pastoral oversight of Tabernacl Baptist Church in the Hayes, Cardiff. Two of the aspects of church life that she is particularly passionate about are the church's ongoing efforts to offer radical hospitality to those who struggle with life, and the corresponding desire to help each church member to connect to the all-inclusive, unconditional hospitality of God's love through prayer and deepening of personal spirituality.

In College and Cardiff University, Rosa teaches in the areas of Spirituality, Church History, and Biblical Interpretation. She is particularly interested in language and languages, and their interface with culture, power and spirituality.

Rosa is married to Francis and they have four sons. She enjoys reading, walking, swimming, word puzzles, cooking, eating, feeling the sun on her skin and being with her family and her close friends. Not necessarily in that order. However, being from Malta originally, the sun and sea thing, the food thing and the Mediterranean mother thing really matter. The thing that matters most, though, is the adventure of going deeper into God's love - which, it turns out, is even more beautiful, long, wide, deep and powerful than the Mediterranean Sea.

029 2025 6066

Rosa Hunt
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