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The Community of CBC

Disciples walking together, learning deeply, welcoming widely, being transformed.

A College could refer to just a building. A Community is a group of people. Although we are Cardiff Baptist College, before that, we are a Covenanted Community of Disciples. We are gifted  with Staff, Trustees and Students who help us to be that formational Community.

The cross in our logo represents, of course, Christ: his death and resurrection, and the faith life that flows from him. However, it also represents our desire to be a 'crossing place' where people come from different backgrounds and situations, to meet together, to learn, to be transformed, and to go out to serve in different ways. You are welcome in this community.


A Covenanted Community

Each week, we remind ourselves of our commitment to each other, by repeating the words of our College Covenant:

This day we give ourselves again
To each other 
And to our Lord.

We covenant to watch over one another 
and to walk together with God,
in ways known 
and still to be made known.
We commit all that we have 
And all that we are
to God’s unfolding purposes of love.

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