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Pathways @CBC

Aimed at those in the local church, Pathways enables Christians in Wales to deepen their understanding of faith and practice and to develop skills in ministry and mission. Through interactive teaching that invites everyone's participation, Pathways will enable you to make connections between Church and the world, between Sunday and the rest of the week, while enriching your spirituality and engaging you in ministry and mission.

What is Pathways?

Pathways is a flexible and practical package of learning opportunities - taking place once a month on a Saturday. Each module lasts two months. You can select any number of modules, building up study credits as you progress. It is designed to equip and inspire the ministries and mission of people serving Christ through local Baptist churches in Wales.

Who can follow a Pathway?

Anyone can join in on Pathways. It is designed for all sorts of people - like Deacons, Worship leaders, Children's workers, House-group leaders - really anyone supported by a local church who wants to be better equipped for service in ministry and mission, whatever your previous experience or educational qualifications. All the Module tutors are experienced practitioners in ministry and mission but Pathways also recognises the wealth of experience which you bring and values the interaction of all participants in exploring key issues and fresh perspectives. No previous qualifications are required.

What Pathways can I follow?

A full cycle of the Pathways course consists of 11 modules (8 core modules plus 3 others chosen modules). Each module is designed to develop your understanding of Christian theology and to provide some of the skills required for various forms of mission and ministry.

It is also possible to sign up to take individual Modules chosen from the rolling programme. This means that you can study at a pace that suits you, building up a portfolio of completed modules. Some people may choose to participate in the course without wanting to submit any written work for formal assessment.
These learning opportunities are designed to fit around the busy lives of those already serving local churches in ministry and mission. Modules are pitched at a Level 3 standard and as such provide a good foundation for those wishing to continue into further study. There is also the option of joining a pastoral group under the supervision of an experienced minister. This is an opportunity to concentrate on spiritual formation, and also a safe space for prayer and sharing of concerns. This pastoral group can be taken for assessment and forms a twelfth module.

The current modules are:

  • Pathways into Worship

  • Pathways into Christian Belief

  • Pathways into the Bible

  • Pathways into Church Leadership

  • Pathways into Radical Belief

  • Pathways into Discipleship and Culture

  • Pathways into Mission and Evangelism

  • Pathways into Pastoral Care

  • Pathways into Spirituality and Personal Growth

Is this right for you?

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